Issue 3: Jan 2014

Team "B" mid-season Report

Our team saw a few changes from last season, firstly our name – we are now “B” rather than “A”! We lost a few players as Dave Harvey decided to call it a day and Olly Tyndall went to join his local club at Waterwells (GTTC). So we had a new recruit in the form of Dominic James from Cheltenham, who I knew was going to be an asset to the team after achieving an impressive 95.56% average in Division 2 last year.

Our first three matches proved that it was going to be a lot tougher for us in Division 1 this season, losing all three winning only 6 games in total against Rudford “A” (3-7), Frampton Corinthians “A”(2-8) and Highnam “A” (1-9) Dom winning 4/6!

Over the next 6 matches up to Christmas we managed wins over Rudford “C” (7-3), GTTC “A”(8-2) and Highnam “A”(6-4).

Averages up to Christmas stand at Dom James with 64.7%, Ann Barnes at 38.5%, Lawrence Symonds at 35.3% and Simon Moysey with 16.7%.

This puts us 6th out of the 7 teams in Division 1, with 37 points, so we are hoping that the league only relegate 1 team next year!

In the handicap competition we won our first match against Highnam “A” but lost to GTTC “A”.

Ann Barnes (Capt.)

Team "C" mid-season Report

Tough first half with only 3 players, but have now signed super-sub Rob Deeley for the second half after he returns following a hip operation in "off" season last year. Looking forward to second half hopefully to even draw a match.

Lee Bruton (Capt.)

Team "D" mid-season report

An average sort of 1st half with the team settling for a mid table position. Poor early season results proved costly but the team is now pushing on and could come with a late burst to confound the pacesetters.

Trevor Oliver (Capt.)

Team "E" mid-season report

The E team is struggling as usual this year in Division 2 - but we enjoy a good struggle and usually hover just above the relegation zone!

Agustin Romero with 53.33% has the highest average in the team with Pete Humble, Fabrizio Trifiro' and Colin Bruton a little way behind. Glyn Lloyd is concentrating on snooker this year so has not played much. Trevor Seymour played up for us once, and won 3 out of 3 - I think that he will be called up again!

Pete Humble (Capt.)

Team "G" mid-season Report

Having earned relegation last season and with Liam replacing Fabrizio, who has gone to higher things in division 2, we felt even so, that a successful season was not beyond us. Liam had played division 4 last season.

As matches were played we seemed to be invincible with win after win, the 10-0 against Sir Tommy Riches was a harder fought match than the result appears so at the half way point with 8 games played and 8 games won we are understandably top of division 4!

Dave is having a very good run with an average of 87% closely followed by Liam on 81%. Phil has gained 50% with myself on 67% gives the team a solid standing in the division.

Our efforts in the Handicap competition were disastrous, no furhter comment is intended.

Sten Salisbury (Capt.)