Cardiff GP

Olly does well in Cardiff Grand Prix

Gary Tyndall, 26th Jan 2013

After a disappointing morning in Band 6 in the Cardiff Grand Prix, Olly Tyndall qualified from his group only to meet a Junior from the Bristol Academy in the first round, losing 3-1.

Things changed in the afternoon in the Band 5 event. In his group of 4 players, a 14 year old from Turkey beat the number 1 seed 3-1. Olly then proceeded to beat the Turkish boy in a thrilling 5 set match, which provided a good warm-up to the following match against the number 1 seed, Dave Waddington from Cornwall, beating him 3-1. With the maximum 3 wins in his group, Olly progressed automatically to the quarter-final. Next he met and beat the number 2 seed, Tom Savary from Worcestershire, in 4 sets. The semi-final was against the number 3 seed, Alan Taylor (Kent). After losing the 1st set he came back well to win the next three. The final proved a little too hard against Dave Ridout from Kent with Olly losing 7-11, 10-12, 13-15.