Final League Positions

Three teams are Divisional Champions!

Rudford Teams came top of Division's 1, 4 and 5 in the Season of 2013/14.

Here are all team's finishing positions for the Season:

Rudford 'A' - 1st in Division 1 with 125 points, 10 ahead of their nearest rivals, Frampton Corinthians A.

Rudford 'B' - 6th in Division 1, just 4 points behind the 5th position team, Highnam A.

Rudford 'C'- 7th in Division 1, therefore relegated to Division 2 next Season.

Rudford 'D' - 2nd in Division 2, equaling the 3rd team with 122 points but with 2 more wins, so promotion to Division 1 next Season for them.

Rudford 'E' - 6th in Division 2 with 96 points well ahead of their next rival team.

Rudford 'F' - 6th in Division 3.

Rudford 'G' - 1st in Division 4 with a massive 25 points ahead of the 2nd placed team, Highnam 'D'.

Rudford 'H' - 1st in Division 5, with 106 points, 8 points ahead on Sandhurst, meaning promotion to Division 4 next Season.