Issue 4: Jan 2015

Team "B" mid-season Report

This year Dom James, who left to go to University, was replaced with another youngster – Ben Roberts. Ben, who played for RSV last year was keen to get a few more matches in this season. We also had Mike Morgan join us as he has recently moved to the area, so welcome aboard both!

With a win in the first match against the ‘C’ side we were given false hope for the season ahead. 4 defeats rapidly followed with a 9-1 win over Gala ‘A’ completing the first quarter of the season.

The second set of matches was to follow the same pattern, with 2 wins and 4 losses.

At the half way mark we are in 5th position in Division 1 with Rudford ‘C’ and Gala ‘A’ below us.

Here are our averages so far:

Ann Barnes 22.22%

Simon Moysey 46.67%

Lawrence Symonds 72.22%

Mike Morgan 33.33%

Ben Roberts 51.52%

We unfortunately had to pull out of the Handicap competition due to illness.

I certainly hope to improve my performance over the second half of the season, but I seem to be getting worse as everyone else seems to be improving!

Ann Barnes (Capt.)

Team "D" mid-season Report

All going to plan for a change, leading div 2 table by 20 points at halfway through season, rob and Lee are tied on 86% and are both playing well, both Stewarts are both playing well and will improve as the season progresses.

Lee Bruton (Capt.)

Team "E" mid-season Report

This season, it has to be said, has not been one of our most successful ones, so far!

None of us has managed to get out of first gear, me being the worst, in fact I think that getting into first gear would be an achievement. The frustrating thing is that we have not been over whelmed, it’s just that we are making small errors and the games slip away.

We managed to get through the first round of the Handicap but were unceremoniously dumped out in the second round!

In the second half of the season we will find it difficult to extract ourselves from the bottom of the second division, but will do our best – and continue to enjoy the camaraderie.

Alan Welsh 42.86%; Agustin Romero 31.25%; Fabrizio Trifiro 29.63%; Pete Humble 26.92%

Pete Humble (Capt.)

Team "F" mid-season Report

As expected, we have not been much in contention this season so far. We had a setback before the season started when Liam informed us that he did not wish to play this year, however I felt that we could fulfil our fixtures with help from Team 'G' as necessary. It has to be admitted that our results were poor but our esteem was high as we knew it would be difficult. We are firmly rooted at the foot of Division 3, amassing 17 points from 10 games despite fighting for every point. Just after Christmas we suffered a further blow when Phil Dixon suffered a severe bought of sciatica but Dave and I are fighting on now with more regular help form the 'G' Team. Phil reckons he will be out for probably six weeks but we fight on.

Sten Salisbury (Capt)

Team "G" mid-season Report

Division 4 is very competitive this year with the top five teams, including Rudford G, still in with a chance of topping the table. Rudford G has six members with an average age of 20. Unfortunately, I'm well above average in that respect only.

Despite having 6 members we still struggle to get a team each week thanks to Boys/Girls Brigade, Rugby, Karate, Brass Band, church meetings, homework, ice skating, piano, choir etc.

Kim and Margaret are doing particularly well in the averages, closely followed by Michael. We can all play a bit which is why we are doing OK.

Jon Berry (Capt.)