It is uncertain at the moment whether the 2021/2022 Season will take place at the moment.

Team Members 2019/20 season were:

Rudford "A": Division 1 Gloucester League

Darren Griffin (Capt.)

Christine Williams

Gordon Shaw

Matt Kittle

Lawrence Symonds

Sam Turner

Mel Boulton

Margaret Pang

Rudford "B": Division 1 Gloucester League

Michael Morgan(Capt.)

Simon Pratten

Jon Gaskell

Ben Roberts

Steve Knight

Rudford "C": Division 2 Gloucester League

Trevor Oliver (Capt.)

Ken Smith

Chris Pearce

Stewart Jones

Fabrizio Trifiro

Rudford "D": Division 3 Gloucester League

Pete Humble (Capt.)

Alan Welsh

Tom Rogerson

Liam James

Glyn Lloyd

Rudford "E": Division 4 Gloucester League

Pete Humble (Non Playing Capt.)

Phil Dixon

Rebecca Tang

Ian Humble

Max Chester

Katie Foot

Thomas Mann