Final League Positions

Teams 'A' and 'F' Champions!

Rudford 'A' - 1st in Division 1 - Winning 17 out of 18 matches, they won the division with 69 points more than closest rivals; the 'B' Team.

Rudford 'B' - 2nd in Division 1 - Just pipping Frampton Corinthians by 10 points, a very narrow margin with the new scoring system.

Rudford 'C' - 5th in Division 1 - winning more matches than 4th placed Stantek, but losing out in games won in the new scoring system.

Rudford 'D' - 6th in Division 1 - coming above EDF Energy 'A' with 18 points more.

Rudford 'E' - 6th in Division 2 - beating Kendal 'A' and Highnam 'B'.

Rudford 'F' - 1st in Division 3 - 18 points clear of their closest rivals, Sandhurst 'A' at the top, gaining promotion to Division 2.

Rudford 'G' - 4th in Division 4 - a strong result in their 1st season.

Rudford 'H' - 7th in Division 4 - winning 4 matches in their 1st season, looking to improve on this next year with all players improving during the season.

For full results and tables see here.