City Championships 2012

Success for Club Members at City Championships

University Of Gloucester, Oxtalls Campus 3rd/4th March

Girls U18:

Winner: Beth Williams

Runner-up: Margaret Pang (Rudford 'F') pictured below left.


Winner: Ollie Tyndall (Rudford 'D')

Runner-up: Owen Berry (Rudford 'F' pictured right.

Division 2 Singles:

Winner: Ollie Tyndall (Rudford 'D')

Runner-up: George Evans

Division 4 Singles:

Winner: Dave Walker

Runner-up: Fabrizio Trifiro (Rudford 'E')

Division 5 Singles:

Winner: Owen Berry (Rudford 'F')

Runner-up: Sam Turner

Minor Doubles:

Winners: Fabrizio Trifiro and Sten Salisbury (Rudford 'E')

Runners-up: Dave Walker and Ross Walker

Mixed Doubles:

Winners: Christine Williams and Darren Griffin

Runners-up: Ann Barnes (Rudford 'A') and Jason Million

City Finals Night

Wotton Hall Club, Barnwood Road on Friday 30th March.

Boys U15:

Winner: Hamsa Bham

Runner-up: Ollie Tyndall (Rudford 'D')

Ladies Singles:

Winner: Ann Barnes (Rudford 'A') Runner-up: Mel Boulton (Rudford 'B')

Plate Singles:

Winner: Nick Walker

Runner-up: Owen Berry (Rudford 'F')

Other Results:

Division 2:

Winners: Rudford 'C'

Division 4:

Runners-up: Rudford 'E' (Sten Salisbury, Phil Dixon and Fabrizio Trifiro pictured below)

Division 5:

Winners: Rudford 'F' (Owen Berry, Margaret Pang, Liam James and Michael Pang pictured below).