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Final League Positions

Rudford "D" Division 2 Champions!

Here are all team's finishing positions for the Season:

Rudford 'A' - 2nd in Division 1 with 176 points, behind Frampton Corinthians A who clocked up an impressive 198 points.

Rudford 'B' - 5th in Division 1, well above the relegation zone.

Rudford 'C'- 6th in Division 1, therefore unfortunately relegated to Division 2 next Season.

Rudford 'D' - 1st in Division 2, with 19 wins out of 24 clocking up 175 points, 34 more that their nearer rivals, Stantek "A", meaning promotion to Division 1 next Season for them.

Rudford 'E' - 7th in Division 2 meaning relegation to Division 3 next year. 

Rudford 'F' - 6th in Division 3 meaning relegation to Division 4 next season.

Rudford 'G' - 2nd in Division 4 with 141 points behind Sandhurst "A" with 158 points which will lead to promotion to Division 3 next year.