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Constitution & Rules



1.  That the Club shall be called the “Rudford and Highleadon Table Tennis Club”.

2. The Annual General Meeting shall be convened by the Executive Committee once a year in the month of June. Any individual wishing to propose a resolution should submit it, in writing, 28 days before the AGM. The Agenda for the AGM should be posted on the Club notice board 14 days before the Meeting.

3.  An Extraordinary General Meeting must be called within 21 days of a resolution signed by not less than 50% of the Club members.

4.  Any Officer or Committee Member intending to resign from the Committee shall be required to give 14 days notice in writing to the Chairman.

5.  There shall be no more than four Trustees of the Club. The first Trustees shall be appointed by the Committee and the property of the Club (other than cash which shall be under the control of the Treasurer) shall be invested in them, to be dealt with by them as the Committee shall from time to time direct by resolution (of which an entry in the minute book shall be conclusive evidence).      The Trustees shall be indemnified against risk and expense out of the Club property. The Trustees shall hold the office until death or removed from office by a resolution of the Committee who may for any reason which may seem sufficient to a majority of them present and voting at any meeting remove any Trustee or Trustees from the office of Trustee. Where by reason of any such death, resignation or removal it shall appear necessary to the Committee that a new Trustee or Trustees shall be appointed or if the Committee shall deem it expedient to appoint an additional Trustee or additional Trustees the Committee shall by resolution nominate the person or persons to be appointed the new Trustee or Trustees. For the purpose of giving effect to such nomination the President is hereby nominated as the person to appoint new Trustees of the Club within the meaning of Section 36 of the Trustee Act 1925 and he or she shall by deed duly appoint the person or persons so nominated by the Committee as the new Trustee or Trustees of the Club and the provisions of the Trustee Act 1925 shall apply to any such appointment.  Any statement of fact in any such deed of appointment shall in favour of a person dealing bona fide and for value with the Club or the Committee be conclusive evidence of the fact so stated.

6.  In the event of dissolution of the Club any equipment will be sold and all funds and assets arising shall be deposited in the Club’s bank account. If the Club is not reformed, after four years the Trustees shall decide upon the disposal of the Assets, either to the Gloucester TTA or the Gloucestershire TTA.


7.  The Club Committee shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. General Secretary, Hon. Team Secretary, Hon. Minutes Secretary and Committee Members.

8.  The quorum for a committee meeting shall be one third of the Committee or five Committee members whichever is the greater.

9.  Failure of attendance at three consecutive meetings without good cause and proper reason shall automatically cause a member to forfeit his/her seat on the Committee; the vacancy shall be filled at the discretion of the Committee for the remaining term of office.

10. The Committee shall deal with all immediate business of the Club and shall further have the power to appoint any Sub-Committee that they so desire.

11. The President and Vice president/s shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

12. An appeal by any member regarding a decision shall only be granted through the Club’s existing General Secretary.

13. The Committee shall decide all points not covered by the rules.

14. Life members can only be elected at the Annual General Meeting.


15. The annual subscription for club membership shall be decided at the AGM and may ONLY be reviewed at that time.

16. A person is defined as a Club member when the annual subscription has been forwarded to the Club Treasurer. There are two categories of member: 1) Full members who play in the League for the Club. 2) Social members who are non Gloucester League players, accepted at the discretion of the Committee. Full members take priority over Social members for Clubroom bookings during the season. Social members to pay the standard Club subscription.

17. All Gloucester Table Tennis Association affiliation fees are in addition to the Club fees.

18. The annual Club subscription including league affiliation fees are due by the 1st of August and must be paid direct to the Treasurer. Failure to comply will render the player ineligible to participate.


19. Any organised competitions will be run by the Committee or a duly appointed Sub-Committee and the rules and fees governing such activities will be arranged at the time in question.


20. Members who avail themselves of the Club facilities are expected to use these facilities with due consideration and to leave the room in a state of tidiness.

21. No smoking in any area of the Clubroom.

22. Club Members wishing to use the Clubroom for practice (other than at times scheduled for league/Cup matches or the Club Tournament) shall book the room with the Team Secretary. Practice sessions may be booked for a maximum of two hours. At any practice session when a guest player is present a Club member must be in attendance and he/she will be responsible for the appropriate Guest fee as posted on the Notice Board.



    23. All Members must provide their own table tennis balls.

24. Any dispute arising between a Captain and Team Members shall be referred to the Committee for a final decision.

25. The Committee shall have the right to reserve any night that they may think fit, provided that one week’s notice is given and posted on the Clubs notice board.

26.Any alteration or addition to the rules shall only be made at the Annual General Meeting.

11th June 2009