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Issue 5: April 2015

Team "A" Report

Team "B" Report

Our finishing position of 5th in division 1 doesn't tell you the whole picture. We were a team of varying abilities, in which Lawrence managed an impressive 72% whose results kept us away from the relegation zone. The rest of us contributed with Ben Roberts gaining 45%, Simon Moysey with 30%, 22% for myself, and Mike Morgan with 17%.  With just 4 wins and 3 draws all season, it will be tough to hold our Division 1 position next season, although there will be a few changes to the team - watch this space! 

Ann Barnes (Capt.)

Team "C" Report

The team were fortunate in having Gala in their division, without whom we would have had very few points. Thank you Gala - we look forward to playing you in Division 2 next season. For the record we finished 6th (one off the bottom - thank you Gala). Thanks also to darren, Bill Dawe, Dave Harvey and others for showing us how to play the game; but hey, we're good losers!! Grr!! Congrats to Chris Pearce for being our best player and the Ken Smith for not breaking/pulling/spraining anything.

Trevor Oliver (Capt.) 

Team "D" Report

We had a good season, winning the division. Rob Deeley only lost 3 games all year reaching 94%. Lee backed him up with 82%, Stewart Greene was in the 70% range, Stewart Jones regained confidence and finished around 50%. Div 1 beckons next season.

Lee Bruton (Capt.)

Team "E" Report

We did not fare a lot better in the second half of the season and ended up bottom, and were relegated. Despite being inthat lowly position Agustin's average improved, in fact he was playing very well be the end of the season. He won Division 2 Singles and a couple of trophies on our Final's Night.
Next season we will ask for Division 2 fro Agustin, Alan and Fabrizio as the team will be strengthened be the addition of Stewart Jones, who has agreed to be Captain. I will step down and guide the Junior team in Division 3 with Sten Salisbury.
Agustin Romero 39.29%; Alan Welsh 36.21%; Fabrizio Trifiro 31.71%; Pete Humble 20.44%.

Pete Humble (Capt.)

Team "F" Report
As expected, Phil was unable to play after Christmas which left myself and Dave to cover the fixtures with assistance from the "G" team in Division 4. We were able to fulfill the fixtures with a couple of matches with just the two of us. Unfortunately we finished in last place although the youngsters from division 4 won some memorable games for us so the final table dd not look as bleak as it could have been. I have to say that it was a season to forget not only in terms of success but also of disruption.

Sten Salisbury (Capt.)

Team "G" Report

Division 4 was very competitive this year with just 30 points between 1st and 5th. We were happy to win promotion but are left feeling that it could have been better if we had taken opportunities in our matches with the eventual winners Sandhurst "A". They used all their experience (and they have a lot) to edge those encounters which made the difference.

We were a very consistent team with all players capable of getting a result in most cases. Plus, thanks to a lot of emailing and transporting, we had a full teamfor all but one match.
Apart from the captain the team are all young and improving all the time. They will do well in Division 3 next year.

Jonathon Berry (Capt.)